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Research & Development


Business markets and consumer demands are extremely dynamic in nature. Serving these ever-changing and demanding requirements necessitates constant innovation and technological developments.

20 Microns has a centralized research and development centre located at Vadadla, Vadodara (Gujarat). A talented team under the supervision of more than 20 scientists leads the research and development activities. Extensive research experimentation is carried out pertaining to the minerals and their applications in diverse fields. The centre is dedicated to undertake long-term research programs, deliver timely analytical reports and lay the foundation of all prospective developments.

Since inception, this R&D center has itself developed technologies that have led to establishment of several plants. Without the aid of any external agency, the R&D center has set up China clay wet processing plant, Dry grinding plants for Calcite, Dolomite & Talc, Calcination plant and many others. The Company has also started a new division namely SMC (Speciality Minerals & Chemicals) that covers manufacturing all speciality products like Amorsil, Diasilite, Reinforsil-CTD, Hydrogel-70T and many others.

20 Microns is a customer-oriented company striving to meet the categorical requirements. To attain this objective, the R&D Center is equipped with a ‘Product Application Center’ that is determined on developing the materials as per customer requirements.

The R&D center has also collaborated with several external agencies like Central Glass & Ceramic Research Institute (Kolkata), SICART (Vallabh Vidyanagar – Gujarat); IIT - Mumbai, Smart Instruments Company Pvt. Ltd. (Mumbai), etc. for testing of the samples for specific tests like Scanning Electron Microscopic study, XRD analysis, Surface Area Measurement and other experimentations.

The R&D center has formulated various innovative as well as value-added synthetic products like Megasil, Hydrogel, Precipitated Barium Sulphate, White Pigment Opacifiers, Waxes, Polaid PVC, Polaid OP-MB, Optigloss & Glazex-90. Several other products like ATH, Mag Hydroxide, Organoclay, Matting Agents are in the final stages of development.

20 Microns has prolonged association with the Paint Research Association of England, Society of Plastic Engineers, India and Central Pulp and Paper Research Institute, India; which enables the Company to explore the developments and requirements of all major industries using functional fillers and extenders.