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20 Microns is a leading producer of high quality White Minerals in the field of Functional fillers, Extenders and Speciality chemicals.


HYPER 80 Calcined clay have been universally used in water base paints because of their excellent balance of properties and cost performance. During calcination morphological, mineralogical and chemical changes occur which result in products with excellent optical properties.

HYPER 80 calcined clay improves opacity & finds application in partial replacement of TiO2 & substantial replacement of synthetic aluminum silicates.

Glazex 90®

GLAZEX 90® is an extremely fine grade of calcined kaolin with exceptional opacifying properties. GLAZEX 90® is produced by a multi stage refining process through High Gradient magnetic separator under controlled computerized process system ensuring extreme low levels of HMC.

Glazex 90® calcined kaolin improves the opacity, reduces TiO2 level in emulsion paints and it can be used towards substantial replacement for synthetic aluminum silicate opacifiers without any loss in dry film properties and also has the advantage over that of general synthetic aluminum silicates in providing lower paint viscosity

MetaCem® - Metakaolin

MetaCem 85C – High Reactivity Metakaolin – HRM is a scientifically processed reactive allumino silicate pozzolan formed by calcining purified clay in an externally fired rotary kiln. Metakaolin react with Calcium Hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form Calcium Silica & Calcium Alluminate Hydrates, unlike other natural pozzolan, MetaCem is a water process to remove unreactive impurities, producing excellent reactive material. A thermally structured ultrafine pozzolan replaces industrial by product such as Silica Fume - Micro Silica, one of the widely used mineral admixtures, without compromising the end result. The particle size of MetaCem is significantly smaller than cement & blending leads to enhance the property of Portland cement: