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Dry milled Muscovite Mica with enhanced brightness, high purity & high-aspect-ratio is widely used in Plastics, Paints, Cosmetics and Rubber industry.

Opak® 6000 T

High Performance Opacifiers – Partial Replacement of TiO2

Opak® 6000 T Opacifier is an anhydrous natural mineral designed to provide substantial cost saving through partial replacement of TiO2. Opak 6000 T opacifier is produced as a by-product from Cryogenic Super Conductive Magnet waste that contains Rutile and Kaolin (approx 50:50). On further calcination it behaves like a pigment as it contains TiO2 and calcined clay. Due to micronization its particle size matches with rutile TiO2 and thus it acts as an opacifier and partial replacement of TiO2. Opak® 6000 T is optimally adjusted with surface modification to offer ease of dispersion for optical properties.

    Key Benefits
  • •  Partial replacement of Titanium Dioxide
  • •  Excellent ultra violet stability
  • •  Low specific gravity
  • •  Excellent heat stability
  • •  Ease of dispersion
  • •  Low Cost