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Dry milled Muscovite Mica with enhanced brightness, high purity & high-aspect-ratio is widely used in Plastics, Paints, Cosmetics and Rubber industry.

Hydrogel 70 T

Inorganic Thickener – Partial Replacement of Organic Mineral Thickener in Water Base

Hydrogel 70T is chemically modified Hydrated Magnesium Aluminium Silicate with unique chain structure. Hydrogel 70T is mainly used as an Inorganic co-thickener and as partial replacement of organic thickener in water base. It is used as thixotropic agent, stabilizer and anti-settling agent in latex and other general waterborne formulations. It also works a cellulosic, associative and alkali swell-able inorganic co-thickener.

Hydrogel 70T thickeners is used in water borne paint systems, adhesives, sealants and coatings. Thixotropic properties of Hydrogel 70T thickener allows paint, adhesive and ink to spread easily when rolled, sprayed or brushed and then stiffen at a controlled rate. These inorganic co-thickeners provide sag resistance, viscosity control, spread ability and excellent feathering at low cost.

Hydrogel 70T inorganic thickener also acts as effective suspending agents for particulate matter in ionic, non-ionic, and organic liquids. It proves to be ideal for suspending pigment slurries, refractory coatings, ceramic slurries, liquid soaps, and other applications where there are limited mixing capabilities.

    Key Benefits
  • •  Thixotropic viscosity build
  • •  50% replacement of HEC / MEC / CMC
  • •  Syneresis (liquid separation) control
  • •  Sag resistance & Good film build
  • •  Bacteria and chemical resistance
  • •  Improved pigment suspension