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MAG - FR acts as a halogen free retardant for Low smoke, FR in cable compounding & sheet molding application and for electronic and high tech applications.



MAG – FRTM is a flame retardant with high purity magnesium hydroxide. It is a halogen free flame retardant material for Low smoke, FR in cable compounding & sheet molding application and for electronic and high tech applications where flame retardance and durability are primary concerns. Main benefit of MAG – FRTM as flame retardant treatment is during the decomposition process, no toxic or corrosive gases are generated. The surface treatment increases compatibility of the filler and polymer, which improves the mechanical properties of the compound.



AL FR is produced by exceptional engineered production process. It works on the basis of heat sinking and endothermic dehydration characteristics that enable alumina trihydrate to retard the burning of polymers. AL FR releases about 35% of its weight in the form of steam at approximately 220°c (428°f) and provides flame retardant coatings. The water vapor released quenches the surface of surrounding materials while restricting the access of oxygen to the burning polymer and combustible and potentially toxic off-gases are also diluted by this water vapor. AL FR also improves the Arc-track resistance in electric composites by absorbing generated heat; due to the endothermic dehydration water vapor slows the surface degradation of the polymer and the resultant formation of the carbonized film or track.

The quantity of AL FR added to the organic matrix depends on the required flame retardance, the properties of the end products and the cost of the mixtures. AL FR is better for environmental compliances as it contains no halogens or heavy metal and replaces more expensive flame retardant chemicals based on antimony metal or chlorinated and brominated (halogenated) compounds.

Key Benefits :

Flame Retardance

  • 1.  Alternative to halogens.
  • 2.  Heat removal and smoke suppressant through water vapor generation
  • 3.  Char Formation.

Functional Performance

  • 1.  Physical property attributes.
  • 2.  Corrosive environment application
  • 3.  Thermal conductivity (thermal stress).
  • 4.  High whiteness and brightness with translucency.


  • 1.  Better wet out, higher loading levels.
  • 2.  Improved performance through better reinforcement.
  • 3.  Lower resin demand.