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Dry milled Muscovite Mica with enhanced brightness, high purity & high-aspect-ratio is widely used in Plastics, Paints, Cosmetics and Rubber industry./p>


VAPORMAT - multi-functional extender to offer a new solution to rationalise raw material while achieving cost reduction.Due to its specific porous microstructure and fine particle size of VAPORMAT traps air voids which will act as tiny deflecting mirror, to aid quality critical light scattering to properties for opacity and matting power advantage in the interior or exterior paints formulation and it guarantees high colour intensities.

    Key Benefits
  • •  Excellent matting effect
  • •  Excellent opacifier
  • •  Film permeability control
  • •  Low bulk and specific density
  • •  Good burnish and scrub resistance
  • •  Reduce thickener requirement
  • •  Faster dry-to-touch time