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With enduring innovation, expansive Research & Development and eco-friendly business and operational practices, 20 Microns is poised to become a highly acclaimed company

20 Microns Strategy

At 20 Microns, our core mission is to become “a dominant leader in the field of White Minerals, Functional Filler and Extenders and Speciality Chemicals.”

The fundamental way of attaining this goal will be functioning in socially responsible and ethical manner to remain committed to our motive of sustainable development.

To achieve that, we will relentlessly endeavor to develop innovative operational processes that give us competitive advantage in serving industries like paints, coatings, printing ink, ceramic, plastic, rubber, paper, rubber, adhesives and sealants.

Our strategy also involves in focusing on mining operations that ascertain sustained returns of investment. A gamut of exploration projects at global scale also ensures productive development opportunities for 20 Microns.

To serve the dynamic demands of various industries, 20 Microns strives for substantial investment in the Research and Development. Organizational culture is crucial in overall output of the company and thereby we encourage an environment of transparency, trust and collaborative effort to make work a challenging experience for our people. Exposing our workforce to highest level of professional and learning environment will help them continuously hone their skills and keep track with contemporary industry standards.

The significant part of our progressive approach includes following a stringent policy of Occupational Health & Safety. We are committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment to our people.

To summarize, our all-inclusive strategy involves commanding and retaining a leading position in the globally competitive market through constant technological innovation acknowledging the principles of sustainable development.