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20 Microns is a leading producer of high quality White Minerals in the field of Functional fillers, Extenders and Speciality chemicals.

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    20 Microns was founded in 1987 in the bustling industrial city of Vadodara to manufacture White Minerals of supreme quality. Ever since then, 20 Microns sustained efforts towards excellence and innovation has made it a prominent name in the industrial arena.

    20 Microns is India’s largest producer of white minerals offering innovative products in the field of Functional fillers, Extenders and Speciality chemicals. Based on a profound understanding of diverse industrial requirements, the company has empowered its clients with customized products based on their specific requirements. Our exceptional product quality is equally matched with our excellence in problem solving capabilities and technical customer service.

    Owing to well-equipped laboratories and the most advanced control instruments, 20 Microns produces minerals of highest standard of quality and consistency. A dedicated R&D center is the focal point of innovations that leads to formation of advanced quality products. Experienced and competent Chemists, Geologists and Engineers make up the workforce at the R&D center and Quality control laboratory.

    From textile, plastic, rubber, adhesive and paints that add colour to the world, to Paper and Printing Ink that set thought and life in motion, to the Agro-chemicals that runs the agriculture industry in shape, 20 Microns is reaching to the lives of millions, everyday.

    Today, we are a multi-product company catering to a cross section of industry across the globe. With the best manufacturing practices and state-of-the-art R&D center, the international business forms one-fourth of the 20 Microns business with a strong presence in more than 47 countries across Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific.

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    20 Microns Limited offers a wide range of White minerals (micronized minerals) having diverse applications in various industrial sectors. Extracted from world’s best reserves and processed using state-of-the-art technologies, our white minerals are widely used in Paint & Powder Coating, Plastic, Textiles, Rubber, Paper Textiles, and Sealants industry.

    Micron Mica, Micron Barytes and Micron Silica with diverse formulations are used as Extenders in many industries. These products have excellent opacity, dispersion quality and durability offering brightness and weather resistance to exterior paints.

    Silfermin, a specially designed extender, comes with a rigid reinforcing network and enhances the scratch and abrasion resistance of coatings. It is widely used in paints, adhesives, sealants and ink manufacturing. Micron Red Oxide of definite chemical composition and narrow particle size is extensively used in building, construction, paint and other industries. It is also used as a pigment in ceramic industries.

    Micron Talc, available in particle size ranging from 2µ to 40µ, imparts silly luster to the paints with high scrub resistance. Micron Talc finds application in plastic, paints and powder coating, rubber and textile and paper industry. Micron Carb and ‘O’ Carb, with unique particle size – distribution, are high quality extenders used in plastic, paints and powder coating and rubber industry.

    Micron China Clay comes with excellent rheological and dispersion properties. It is used as high performance china clay for water/solvent based coatings. Calcined Kaolin, with exceptional opacity and tint strength, is used as a replacement of TiO2 and extender in plastics, paints and powder coating industry.

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    20 Microns Limited has been in the field of Micronized Minerals since a long time tapping various Industrial Minerals under its portfolio. A few years back, 20 Microns decided to form a new division ‘Speciality Minerals and Chemicals’, which caters to the advanced niche product range made through new superior technology to serve our existing and new customer base.

    Speciality Minerals and Chemicals (SMC) is a dedicated division offering speciality chemicals that find specific applications across industrial sectors. With a devoted R&D Center, SMC is responsible for manufacturing numerous innovative products used as white pigment opacifiers, organic thickeners, inorganic thickeners, matting agents and multi-functional extenders. These speciality are used to enhance the performance of the products by various properties that include:

    • •  Better Hiding & Tinting Strength
    • •  Achieving optimum level of Opacity
    • •  Better Gloss & Sheen control
    • •  Partially replacing expensive TiO2 
    • •  Enhancing Thickening properties and better Rheological Control
    • •  Anti – Settling
    • •  Better Washability & Scrub Resistance
    • •  Increasing Volume Resistivity 
    • •  Improving & Modifying processing characteristics

    Our high performance speciality chemicals includes: Lithomer R (white pigment opacifier), Alsil ZX (synthetic aluminium silicate), Hydrogel 70T (inorganic thickener), Rio Bent (organoclay thickener), Basofix (synthetic barium sulphate), Fastflow P/S (polyethylene wax), Silcoat DE (multi-functional extender) and many others.

    20 Microns, through its innovative & continuous R&D thrives to add further more products into its basket of products in the months and years to come, with continuous interaction with its domestic and international customers.