Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

20 Microns produces a range  of Calcium Carbonates of different Brightness and Particle Sizes. Our Super Whit High purity calcium carbonates are micronized and are closely controlled to offer uniform particle size, this  Natural Calcium Carbonate produced from the finest quality resources procured Domestically and Internationally. 

The unique particle size distribution optimizes particle packing leaving less void space to be filled by expensive resins. It is one of the most widely used Industrial Minerals for a variety of applications and we produce it in a broad range of particle sizes ranging from 45 microns to  ultra-fine sizes of 0.5 microns depending on the nature of your application it needs to be used in. 

We offer range of Coated, Uncoated  and surface treated range of Calcium carbonate to cater across diversified application of Paints and Coating, Paper, Plastics, Rubber, Adhesives, Construction Chemicals, Detergents, Brake Composites and other allied industries.


  • Calcium Carbonate Series : Our Surface Modified Sub Micron Calcium Carbonate series with particle size ranges from nearby 0.8 micron to 1.0 micron. It can be used in offset/flexographic printing inks for good gloss opacity and smoothness. Easily Dispersible Product. Can Replace Titanium Dioxide upto 10%. Even it can work as a substitute of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate.

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