Rheology Modifier

Rheology Modifier

Our grade of rheology modifier Attapulgite series of Hydroxylgel and ATPgel, is a naturally occurring mineral, is a crystalline hydrated magnesium Alumino silicate with a three-dimensional chain structure that gives it unique colloidal and sorptive properties. Fully hydrated Attapulgite grades thicken liquids without swelling. Highly thermally activated grades combine high surface area with the porosity to optimize sorptivity.

The Attapulgite thickeners effectively form thixotropic colloidal gels in ionic and non-ionic aqueous solutions. They also develop thixotropic gels in most organic liquids to develop thickening and/or suspension properties when dispersed with various cationic or non-ionic surfactants. All Attapulgite products provide thixotropic viscosity in liquid systems and are not impacted by extreme changes in pH or temperatures. Contrary to many commercial thickeners, the Attapulgite products are able to build viscosity in the presence of very high salt concentrations.

They are used in paints and coatings, offering rapid dispersibility and effective thixotropic thickening, in adhesives, caulks, sealants and wallboard compounds, they provide sag resistance, viscosity control, spreadability, and excellent feathering at low cost. Attapulgite thickeners build excellent thixotropic characteristics in asphalt cutbacks and emulsions. Other important applications for Attapulgite products include polishes, ceramic grouts, molecular sieve binders, wax emulsions, lubricants, liquid flowable pesticides, suspension fertilizers, liquid detergents, drilling mud, liquid animal feed, and soaps.


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