Titanium Dioxide - Buff & Grey

Titanium Dioxide - Buff & Grey

20 Microns entered into the TiO2 space with its newest ultra-fine Buff Colored TiO2 branded “Glowtox”. It is a surface treated rutile Titanium Dioxide that is beige in color and offers comparable performance characteristics such as opacity to white titanium dioxide. 

It is a high purity micronized pigment and cost Effective. In many products which require opacity and color but which do not have to be pure white, Buff Titanium Dioxide can economically replace all or part of the Titanium White or other expensive pigments that may be used.

G Tox and C Tox are brands for offering grey and Buff Tio2  respectively , This Tio2 disperses easily on high speed equipment and is commonly used in paint & coatings, plastics, paper, and other applications. In products which require opacity and colour i.e. non-white paints, this Tio2 pigments can reduce the amount of expensive organic & inorganic pigments as well as white TiO2. In addition to white TiO2, this may replace phthalo blues and greens, hansa yellows, organic oranges, synthetic iron oxides, and carbon black (in whole or in part, depending on formulation) and provides you the same bright colors you have now.


  • Glowtox B 104
  • Glowtox BLK 104

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