Calcined Kaolin for Electrical Insulation

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Hyper 200 R is produced by a multi stage refining process through high gradient cryogenic magnetic separator and calciner under computerized process control. Hyper 200 R imparts excellent electrical insulation properties, very smooth finish and good dimensional stability. Hyper 200 R also gives very low levels of mill sticking when used in halogenated polymers such as poly choloroprene, Hypalon or chlorinated polyethylene. Due to its chemically inertness, high purity and low permanent set behavior, Hyper 200 R is a preferred choice in pharmaceutical stoppers and closure applications.

     Metaplast 85 is an ultra-fine grade Calcined Clay produced by high temperature calcination of premium quality kaolin. Metaplast 85 is used in wire and cable and other thermoplastic.


  • Excellent dispersion
  • Superior Compression Set
  • Enhanced Tensile Strength
  • Increased Flexural & Impact Strength
  • Excellent Electrical Properties i.e., Volume Resistivity.


  • Electrical Insulation components
  • Rubber Cables
  • Electrical Rubber mats
  • Pharma Rubber Stoppers & Closures

Automotive Components Like Hoses, O Ring, Gasket, Oil Seal etc.

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