Calcined Kaolin Semi Reinforcing Filler for Rubber Application

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Hyperlink 66 and Hyperfine are submicron particle sized calcined kaolin which act as a semi reinforcing filler in rubber application due to the elimination of bound water during the calcining process. compounds with Hyperlink 66/Hyperfine extrude smoothly and reduce stickiness in processing. Both Hyperlink 66 and Hyperfine provide stiffness, dimensional stability and good electrical properties. Beacause these products has been heat treated at a high temperature they also offer good heat and chemical resistance and a low moisture content. Both Hyperlink 66 & Hyperfine are used extensively in mechanical rubber products, Pharma rubber stoppers and closures.

          Our Silance Treated calcined Clay- hyper 60 DA, DV & DM are designed to maximize compatibility with all kinds of elastomers and to ensure minimize.


  • Excellent dispersion
  • Superior compression set
  • Enhanced tensile strength
  • Increased flexural & impact Strength
  • Increase in modulus


  • Rubber Houses
  • Pharma Rubber Stoppers & Closures
  • Automotive Components like o ring, Gasket, Oil seal etc.

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