Desiccant Additives Calcium Oxide Moisture Absorbent for Polymers Masterbatches, Compounds & PVC

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Vaporoxol-3F  | Troken are specially formulated desiccant, consisting of ultra-fine particles of calcium oxide treated with dispersing agent, which gives excellent mixing and dispersion characteristics. Calcium oxide is used as a desiccant and acid scavenger in plastic, polymer and nylon compounds. Which can contain moisture from fillers, organic or recycled components incorporated in the formulation or by moisture absorption from high humidity environments. Calcium oxide CaO combines with moisture to form calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2. This reaction chemically binds moisture and is non-reversible up to 512 C(degree).

The reaction product, calcium hydroxide is a powder which incorporates easily and invisibly into the compound, but will also perform as an acid scavenger.


  • High moisture Absorbency
  • Excellent Dispersion in Host Polymers
  • Better Shelf Life Stability
  • Surface Treated
  • Cost Effective
  • Used as a Acid Scavenger
  • Recommended Dosage 1-3%

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