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K Stoff T Superior Peptize & Process Aid for Elastomer Compounds

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20 Microns Nano Minerals with its state-of-the-art R & D centre has developed these innovative process aids that play mute-functional role in compound mixing, processing & subsequent processing stages.

           K STOFF T is an excellent peptize for NR and High viscosity synthetic elastomers. It Preferably breaks down high molecular weight polymer chains to more uniform molecular weight distribution.it facilitates fillers dispersion, with better rubber-filler interaction. It also improves scorch safety and reversion resistance.


  • Work as a multi-functional additive
  • An excellent peptizer for NR & high viscosity elastomers
  • Also facilitates as processing aid for rubbers compounds
  • Ensures faster dispersion of fillers and batch to batch uniformity
  • Improves flow characheristics of compounds during mixing , extrusion and mouldingImparts better product performace properties and resilience.
  • Increases productivity and reduces rejection level
  • Improves surface appearance and gloss

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