Basofix – P & Bari Gloss Precipitated Barium Sulphate (Blancfixe) for Plastic & Pigments

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Precipiated Barium Sulphate (Basofix) is an inspired innovation from 20 Microns Nano Minerals is specifically developed for the Masterbatches & pigments application.

Basofix P- can be used in color MB & Pigments Acoustic Pipes, Engg Plastics Compounds.

Barigloss- it is recommeded for Grey, Blue, Black & Dark colour Master Batches and used in dark colour thermoplastic and thermoset is an economical substitute for grey colour acoustic pipes.


  • Submicron particle size(0.7-0.9u)
  • Works as a Spacer Pigment
  • Better dispersion with high gloss
  • Increases color brilliance
  • Enhances the Thermo-mechanical properties
  • Imparts Sound dampening in Acoustic pipes

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