PVC Pipe Use in Water Management System

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Water is life and PVC pipes are an unavoidable segment of human, plant, and animal life in terms of water transportation owing to their lightweight, easy installation, considerable strength, and long durability. PVC pipes occupy a substantially big share in water management.  They are widely used as

  • Agricultural irrigation pipes for farming
  • SWR pipes (sewage, waste, and rainwater) for sanitation
  • Plumbing pipes for drinking water lines
  • Casing and column pipes for extraction of groundwater
  • Fire-resistant electrical conduit pipes for building construction
  • Chlorinated PVC pipes for hot water lines

Agricultural pipes are subjected to high pressure for conveying water too long distances and laid inside the surface of the earth to facilitate the smooth and fast flow of water, fertilizer, and minerals to plants without sedimentation.

SWR pipes are for sewage, rainwater, and waste management installed on the outer wall of residential and industrial complexes. They are exposed to extreme outdoor weathering.  They must be leak-proof, weather-resistant, scratch-resistant, and durable with the least possible maintenance.

Plumbing pipes are meant for clean drinking water which is free from toxic heavy metals. They are installed in apartments for cooking, bathing, and washing. They must be lead-free, resistant to microbial growth, and with a smooth inner surface for easy flow of water.

Casing and column pipes are for groundwater extraction with a submersible pump hanging on pipes in the well.  They must be very strong to withstand the weight of the pump, the weight of the water column, and the sudden rotational torque of the pump. Thread joints of these pipes must have the exceptional load-bearing ability.

Electrical conduit pipes are for electrical wires to be concealed inside the wall during the construction of buildings.  They must be flame retardant for fire safety, tough enough to maintain their shape inside the wall, and must have a smooth inside for easy passage of wires.

Chlorinated PVC pipes are meant for hot water lines. They are able to carry hot water up to a temperature of 95 °C.

20 Microns has developed a series of products to cater to PVC pipe industries. Some of them are mentioned here.

  • Flowstab HFM: Heat stabilizer for lead-free non-toxic drinking water pipes.
  • Flow aid: Processing aid to render smooth inner surface, enhance impact strength, and improve thread strength and scratch-resistant glossy surface with longer outdoor weather ability.
  • Lithomer Tox: White opacifier to prevent sunlight and resist microbial growth.
  • Al Fr 3: Aluminium trihydrate (ATH) for fire-resistant pipes.
  • Calcium Carbonates: High-purity carbonates for pressure pipes.

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