Superior Process Aids for Highly Filled Elastomer Compounds

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20 Microns Nano Minerals with its state-of-the-art R & D centre has developed these innovative process aids that play a vital role during compound mixing, processing & mounding operations and subsequently phase of product usage.

FAST FLOW FG is a multifunctional processing aid providing internal lubrication, faster filler incorporation, mill and mould release and improved compound flow in rubber compounding. It also offers better scorch safety during compound processing.

FLOWAX R 60 is a polymer base blended wax that provides superior protection against ozone attack. It also facilitates internal lubrication, mill and mould release and improved compound flow.

FLOWAX is a low molecular weight polymer base wax that forms a characteristic transparent inert film on the surface of a rubber product and protects it from ozone attack, degradation and discolouration for extended periods.


  • High-Performance Process Aid & Effective Lubricants
  • Faster Dispersion of Fillers & Rubber-Filler Interaction
  • Very Effective in Highly Filled Ruber Compounds
  • Control Compound Viscosity in Optimum Processing Range
  • Additional Mixing Step Can Be Eliminated With Reduced Power Consumption
  • Ensure Batch To Batch Consistency Provide Scorch Safety
  • Improve Compound Flow & Easier Mould Release
  • Enhance Dynamic Properties

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