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Zinkomer A New Generation Eco Friendly Zinc Base Activator

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Zinkomer is an innovative excellence to replace conventional ZnO white seal in rubber application. Zinkomar provides faster incorporation , Excellent dispersion commercial benefit. As compared to ZnO active which is having very high surface area and hence difficult to disperse, Zinkomer due to its unique characteristics imparts excellent dispersion. As compared to conventional ZnO which is of restricted use many a times due to heavy metal contents, Zinkomer is an eco-friendly product. Moreover Zinkomer is a green activator which reduces eco-toxicity as it minimizes Zinc leaching from rubber compounds in comparison to conventional ZnO and hence widely accepted in almost all kind of rubber products.


  • Better Processability
  • Lower Down Mixing Time
  • Excellent Dispersion
  • Excellent Rheological Properties
  • Improvement tn mechanical Property
  • No Pin holes, Spots During Microwave curing
  • More Eco Friendly Product
  • Huge commercial benefits-35 to 40 % economical than ZnO white seal

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