Flowaid High Performance Wax Additive for PVC Pipes & Profiles

Flowaid High Performance Wax Additive for PVC Pipes & Profiles

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FLOWAID is processing aid cum lubricant with high thermal stability & offers both of external & internal lubrication to PVC melt. It is very effective in dispersion of higher contents of calcium carbonate, with a considerable increase in gloss & strength. Flowaid provides excellent anti-sticking properties to the PVC melt resulting in to smooth & glossy surface of the end product.

          FLOWAID coats the primary particles of PVC (globules) & assists the breakdown of particulate structure , & accelerates fusion & the external lubrication of Flowaid acts between polymer & metal surfaces, this delay fusion thus resulting in to the proper gelation of PVC compound.

             In CPVC compounding it improves processability gives thermal stability & enhances rheological properties.


  • Accelerates Fusion & Gellation
  • Hight Thermal Stability(Reduced Heat Stabilizer)
  • Improves Mechanical Properties
  • Enhances Weathering Resistance
  • Offers Smooth & Shiny Surface
  • Stops HCL Liberation

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