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FR Additives Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) Additives

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             Our AL FR is a precipitated flame retardant produced by exceptional engineered production process. The finer particle size of AL FR 3T also ensures effective flame retardancy with best balance of mechanical properties, even at higher filler dosage. It is also available in specially surface treated form. It is an ideal ingredient for HFFR & ZHFR cable compounds.

                   Our MAG FR is a specially surface treated flame retardant with high purity Magnesium hydroxide(MDH).It is a halogen free flame retardant for electrical wires, cables and also for specialty compounds used in electronic & high tech applications where low smoke and durability are critical requirement. Our special surface treatment of MAG FR ensures its easier dispersion and better performance properties in rubber compounds.


  • Halogen free flam Restardant
  • Finer Particle size & Higher Surface Area
  • Easier Dispersion and Better Performance Properties in Rubber Compounds.
  • Heat Removal & Smoke Suppression Through Water Vapour Generation
  • Effective Blanketing Through char formation cutting off Oxygen & Heat Supplies
  • Improves overall FR Efficiency Including Smoke & Heat control
  • Improves mechanical Properties esp. Tensile Strength
  • Optimizes Heat Ageing Properties
  • Finer Particle Size & Higher Surface Area
  • Increases Time to Ignition
  • Improves the Arc-Track Resistance in Electric Composites

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