G Tox & C Tox Colored Rutile TiO2

G Tox & C Tox Colored Rutile TiO2

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C-TOX (Beige) & G-TOX(Grey) are hybrid colored rutile TiO2 pigments produced by 20 Microns Nano Minerals Limited. It Offers excellent UV resistance & heat stability to over 260 C(degree) making it suitable for use in high temperature resins like HDPE, PP, PA, ABS  and  PC etc. Typical applications are polymers Masterbatch, Colours Concentrates and Liquid colours. Most titanium dioxide is pure white, but C-TOX & G TOX demonstrates that whiteness is not a pre-requisite for effectiveness in color formulations. C TOX & G TOX exhibits at par opacity and cost-effective in formulation, partially replacing more expensive heat stable pigments as well as white Titanium Dioxide.


  • Comparable performance(Opacity, Dispersion & Color Consistancy)
  • Highest purity Level & Lower Cost
  • Replaces Costly white(TiO2) & Pigments
  • Suitable for PVC pipes, Dark Colored masterbatches
  • Replaces Pure While TiO2 upto 60%

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