Aesthetic with Durability – Geosil Art Series of Colored Quartz for Flooring

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Aesthetic with Durability

Geosil Art Series of Colored Quartz for Flooring

Let your flooring be more than just durable and be a tool for creating aesthetic flooring with our range of Colored Quartz Series Geosil Art.  We have a range of 41 color with desired granule sizes to meet your end application requirement.

The unique surface treatment helps to make the pigments more stable and resistance in harsh environments and is stable to use for all interior and exterior application. Further it is light fast and highly resistant to water and chemicals and is compatible with water and solvent based binders.

The unique sizing of Geosilart for tile grout is a mix blend of different gradation of colored quartz to achieve optimum packing for high durability, leaving less voids to trapping air bubble and thereby further help in overall reduction in your resin consumption and offer a smooth and glossy finish to your tile grout.

This ready to use Geosilart Sand helps to reduce your time for self-pigmenting and managing numerous color inventory and maintenance and offer a DIY approach to your application.

Further the blend of color can be also use in varied flooring application like terrazzo, mosaic tile, floor coating etc. In composite it can be used for tabletop, artificial mosaic tile, 3D quarts tile etc. In sink it can be used on manufacture highly durable and high aesthetic value quartz sink in varied colors to suit your interior. In Swimming pool finishes and sports turfs as well it has its application usages.

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