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20 Microns Leap Ahead – Step Towards Renewable Energy

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As part of the government’s plan to strengthen the renewable energy sector, 20 Microns has taken an initiative to establish its first Solar power project at its Vadodara Unit located in Vadodara Gujarat.

The Solar plant will contribute 75% ( for example ) of their requirement of electricity required for the production of varied mineral-based specialty products helping to minimize the increase of energy costs a step towards the sustainable energy

20 Microns has the vision to move towards a sustainable approach to green technology, abiding by this belief today 20 microns has taken a leap ahead and have inaugurated the First Solar energy driven plant at Vadodara – Gujarat with a capacity of 350 KVA.

With the growing days, we plan to expand our horizon to furthermore renewable resources and contribute more towards building green technology.

Solar Energy will be the “Fuel of the 21st Century”

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