How to Boost Process Pigments in Masterbatch Manufacturing?

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Dispersion of pigment in Masterbatch manufacturing is crucial, due to the pigment chemistry, type of pigment, etc. In the plastics industry, we incorporate various types of pigments (single or in combination) to achieve the desired shade and meet the end user’s requirements.

Pigment particles are in the form of Nano & Tiny and thus they have a tendency to form clusters/agglomerates during the batch making. These agglomerates formed during the batch making, however, can lead to high Filter Pressure Index and undispersed particles resulting in a hindrance in processing, slow down production rates, and the inevitable loss of raw material.

To eradicate the issue of Agglomerates & Dispersion, our Research & Development team has developed High-performance Polymeric, Modified & Oleo chemical wetting & Dispersing additives for Pigments which formulate unprecedented benefits to Masterbatch producers.

Our additives not only offer to wet to the pigment agglomerates but that also coat the pigment particles ‘surface and that delivers excellent dispersion along with improved color strength up to 15 %, low Filter Pressure value, and excellent surface finish.

Our Wax Products are as follows:

  • Hyperwax 30 ( Modified Polymeric – Amide wax)
  • Fast Flow P (Homo-Polymer Base PE Wax)
  • K-Stoff 440 (Oleo Chemical Amide Wax)

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