Multifunctional Processing Aids ( MPA)-Highly Filled Compounds-20 Microns Limited

Multifunctional Processing Aids ( MPA) – Highly Filled Compounds

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Multifunctional Processing Aids ( MPA) – Highly Filled Compounds (Calcium / Talc / Mica / Glass)

Multifunctional Processing Aids ( MPA) demand is increasing in highly filled compounds where these compounds are used in Raffia & Automotive compounding industry.

Compounding Industry Demands

  1. Uniform dispersion of filler in the host polymer
  2. Uniform flow properties
  3. Improved mechanical properties
  4. Ease in process-ability

Considering the demands 20 Microns Nano Minerals Limited – R & D developed unique processing aids, which can meet the industry requirements.

Products & Features

  • K-STOFF T MPA for calcium / Talc / Mica / Glass filled & Unfilled Compounds.
  • K-STOFF PYN is specially developed to reduce the water carryover problems in high filled & high-speed raffia tape lines.
  • POLAID TPT is designed for talc-filled compounds. Its nucleating effect maintains transparency.

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