SR Filler - A Semi Reinforcing Filler for Rubber & Elastomers - 20 Microns Limited

SR Filler – A Semi Reinforcing Filler for Rubber & Elastomers

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SR Filler (Semi Reinforcing Filler) is an engineered composite semi-reinforcing filler to provide excellent reinforcement properties in synergy with precipitated silica or carbon black due to its unique particle size distribution, high surface area and open pore structure and is most beneficial in compounds that require high hardness and low compression and tension set properties.

The Unique structure of SR Filler reduces friction at the extrusion die, diminishing surface effects including shark skin and improving extrusion speed and finish.

SR Filler is especially effective when used in conjunction with organosilanes, even at low surface treatment levels and also of value in compounds with high amounts of added oil and can be used in most common elastomers such as EPDM, SBR, NR, NBR, CR, Silicon Rubber, Acrylic Elastomers, TPE and others.


  • Reinforcing filler as a partial to full replacement of PPT Silica or Carbon Black at higher loading.
  • Excellent dispersion due to reduced Viscosity facilitates superior processing by lowering mixing time and mixing energy.
  • Superior compatibility with peroxide cure system.
  • Enhanced mechanical properties especially tensile strength, elongation, modulus, abrasion resistance etc.
  • Lower down compression and tension set.
  • Improves the resistance to oil & fuel.
  • Commercially immensely beneficial vis-a-vis C-blacks & PPT Silica

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