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Opacity Pigment Partial Replacement of TiO2

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LITHOMER-TOX  -An inspiring innovation of white pigment, attained by means of co-precipitation under special post production treatment which controls submicron particles size distribution there by enhancing optical and rheological properties.

       LITHOMERTOX white pigment’s relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white colour and it’s diffuse reflectance enable white masterbatch producers to save costs via partial replacement(upto 15%) of TiO2 and some extent to polymers.

          LITHOMER-TOX white masterbatch consisting of 50% TiO2 and 25% LITHOMER-TOX can achieve the same hiding power as batches consisting of 62% of TiO2. In addition, the elongation of PE films can also be raised, and the impact strength of many thermoplastic (e.g. PP and ABS) improved, by using LITHOMER-TOX.


LITHOMER-TOX provides significant optical, mechanical and economic advantages for partial replacement of TiO2

  • Replacement of TiO2 upto 15%
  • Superior optical properties
  • Excellent dispersibility
  • Resistance to yellowing
  • No odor at high temperature processing
  • Cost efficiency


  • White masterbatches for critical Applications(Fibers/ Yarns/ Multilayer films/ Monolayer films)
  • PVC Pipes & Profiles


  • Lithomer TOX
  • LC Pigment 80 T
  • Basofix-P

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