Supermag High Active Magnesium Oxide Activator

Supermag High Active Magnesium Oxide Activator for Halogenated Rubber

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Supermag 150 is a pure & highly active MgO with high surface area produced under a special processing condition, thereby resulting controlled particle size distribution. It is supremely effective in case of Neoprene Rubber (CR), Chlorosulfanated Polyethylene (CSM),

Chloroprene Adhesive & various other halogenated rubber (CIIR, BIIR, FKM, CPE).


  • Excellent Cure Activator/ Crosslinker
  • Efficient Acid Acceptor/ Neutralizer
  • Better Process Ability & Dispersion
  • Improved Scorch Safety
  • Better Heat Ageing property
  • Enhanced mechanical Properties
  • Superior Thermal Stability

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