Vaporoxl 3F & Calox PR Surface Modified

Vaporoxl 3F & Calox PR Surface Modified Calcium Oxide Desiccants for Moisture Free Rubber Processing

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VAPOROXL 3F & CALOX PR are specially surface modified CaO desiccants, at par to any globally acclaimed desiccant, meant for preparation of high quality rubber compounds for high quality rubber compounds for value added applications. These are very effective desiccants in extracting out moisture from rubber chemicals & fillers when added in rubber compounding. During mixing, processing and subsequent storage of rubber compounds, it facilitates easy dispersion of it in rubber matrix, helps rubber products free from porosity, blisters and similar imperfections and increases its shelf life.


  • Ensures higher moisture absorbency
  • Eliminates pinholes and blishers in rubber compounds
  • Reduces Cure time & improves productivity
  • Enhances faster dispersion of fillers during mixing
  • Prevents fly loss of deciccant due to special coating
  • Controls scrap generation & lowers reprocessing cost
  • Eliminates visible spaces in finished products
  • Improves glossiness & surface aesthetics
  • Higher shelf life

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